The Value of Pursuing a Lifetime Career

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Today, companies are evolving faster than ever before and as a result the roles within them are dramatically changing. In our people based business, employees have real power. We are more connected, have a world of knowledge at our finger tips and the ability to make a measurable and global impact on the work we are delivering.

The question is, how do organisations retain their talent, drive loyalty and ensure development opportunities are attractive enough to keep their people engaged and on track for a long-time career path. And for the new talent in today’s workforce, is a lifelong career with one organisation something they are actually pursuing?

At the heart of JLL is its people based culture, an environment that supports great talent to grow with the firm. I am privileged to have spent the majority of my career with JLL and one of my biggest focuses for leading the Middle East and Africa operations is continuing to build on our collaborative, people based culture. Today, loyalty lies not only to a company but actually to the people we work alongside.

I believe that if companies provide the environment and opportunities for talent to develop, they will attract new talent to take on a long-term career path. In this sense, loyalty drives loyalty. Twenty years ago I was fortunate to start a ‘job’ with JLL early on in my professional working life. A ‘job’ in this sense was what one did as a profession, typically in an office and from 9 to 5.

This ‘job’ evolved into my career, a career being something I have enjoyed with a firm that supported by professional development from the offset.

JLL’s research on the workplace shows that business environments are evolving, and today’s modern office space is barely recognizable from its twentieth century counterpart. Today, to attract the best talent companies have dedicated resources to break rooms, daycare, open plan areas for extroverts, and rooms with doors for introverts. This lifestyle focused approach to office design complements flexible working and in turn provides benefits that attract, engage and retain employees.

There are of course two sides of the coin as many will prefer the benefits of short-term contracts and the opportunities that arise from moving between companies. But I have chosen the career, the long path and haven’t for one moment looked back. If a company is willing to invest in your future you have the power to create your own role, one that suits your skill set and values.

Thierry Delvaux

Author: Thierry Delvaux

Thierry has been with JLL for 20 years and has held a number of strategic and leadership positions around the world during the time.

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