The Casablanca Real Estate Market

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Casablanca is the major economic hub of Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean, 80 km south of the capital Rabat. It is also the most populated city in the Kingdom, with approximately 3 million inhabitants, a large majority of which are young and active. Recently, the local authorities initiated the provision of incentives (tax as well as administrative) to attract investors and occupiers in the services, industrial and tourism sectors.

As part of this framework, several projects are expected to be developed in Casablanca through both the private and public sectors, which will reinvigorate the office, retail, residential and infrastructure offer of the city. After several years of work and contemplation, the Moroccan Central Bank (Bank Al-Maghrib) introduced the gradual floating of its currency (the dirham) in January 2018.

The band in which the dirham fluctuates against hard currencies will be increased to 2.5% (an increase from 0.3%) above or below the official rate. This is intended to boost competitiveness across the North African economies. It will also aid in establishing the country as a regional economic and business hub, and potentially positioning it as the gateway to Africa.

According to Oxford Economics, GDP in Morocco grew by 4% in 2017, primarily driven by increased domestic consumption and public investments.

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Craig Plumb

Author: Craig Plumb

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